There are many benefits to a school based Kindergarten. The City Stars program we offer is designed to instil a love of learning that will grow as your child advances through School. We focus on developing each child’s early literacy and numeracy Skills in a fun and engaging way. Our play based curriculum aims to cater to the needs of all abilities and the different areas of development seen in children at this young age. We encourage children to develop their gross and fine motor skills and participate in regular physical activity. Kindergarten is the pivotal year for oral language development. City Stars’ staff ensure students are given daily activities that help promote their oral language skills. City Stars students participate in a modified version of the Caloundra City Private School Social Skills Program: “You Can Do It!” This program uses engaging characters to teach the skills of getting along, confidence, being organised, persistence and resilience. These five skills are embedded in our programming and assist children greatly in developing their social and emotional needs in their Kindergarten year.