It is with great pleasure that I write this Testimonial for City Stars, my husband and I are incredibly impressed with the program on offer. As an Early Childhood Teacher myself, who has taught in many Kindergartens in Canberra, I am still blown away each week with the personalised learning experiences City Stars provide. Zoe is the youngest of four children and is academically more advanced than her sisters were at this age, I credit this to the amazing teachers for their personalised programs and their passion for teaching. We love that City Stars is part of the Caloundra City Private School Community. This allows our children to interact with other year levels and get to see familiar faces. Zoe’s highlight of the day is seeing her sisters throughout the day. Furthermore, the City Star students are able to use the facilities and resources that the school offers like the Library and the Permaculture Garden. Zoe loves feeding the chickens and eating the fresh produce.